It's your idea. It's your product. We will...

...make it tangible...

...make it desirable...

...make it manufacturable...

...and make it marketable!!

From concept to shelf,
Dreams and Logic makes it happen.

You have ideas. We have decades of experience bringing consumer products to life. You have the broad vision. We have the focused tactical know-how. Ideas, inventions, models, prototypes and products - We're made for each other!

Sure, our super-sweet spot is electronic/mechanical consumer products and toys, but we also have deep knowledge of and experience with software, creative and engineering across many industries.

Dreams and Logic partners with you throughout the entire lifecycle of your product: From paper napkins sketches to working prototype; from single product to multi-year line. We can take you from identifying raw technology to squeezing the last penny out of the bill of materials... and produce one-off, or one million.

Peruse our areas of expertise and let us know if your product can benefit from Dreams and Logic's expert guidance.

Drawing on our collective fifty years of experience in detailed hands-on engineering, strategic operations and team leadership - we analyze, synthesize and finally actualize your dream product with stronger perceived value in benefits and underlying technology.

Our services go way beyond the innovation to manufacturing lifecycle: Dreams and Logic offers decades of sell-in expertise to ANY stage in a consumer product lifecycle - from investors to big-box retailers.

Our teams are passionate and lively - talented people with shared interests, core values and a passionate work ethic - we have a blast while creating great things!

Check out our our partial list of clients and projects in the pages below, then give us a call or shoot us an email or DM. We're happy to talk. We've love to meet. And... the coffee's on us.

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the “Dreams"

Lots of people have dreams. Some people dream big. Your dreams could change the world - or make a consumer really, really happy. But… a dream is just the seed of a first idea. Like any young thing, it needs experience to grow up and survive. Dreams and Logic nurtures your dreams into reality - we’ve been doing it for decades. Imagine your idea as a product you can actually hold… or use… or cuddle… or (even better) turn into a profitable venture.

Space Bear


Kids are consumers too. Toy companies (large and small, corporate and indie) rely on  Dreams and Logic to take their kid-consumer products from concept (a designer’s vision) to shelf (a marketer’s dream).


Creativity comes in many forms - from character illustration to compelling copy. Your vision for a creative product or entertainment property probably doesn’t fit neatly inside a “how things are supposed to be” box. From adorable to absurd, Dreams and Logic knows how to capture the attention of your target audience and drive behavior.

Visual & Industrial Design

Even the most practical product needs to look good to the end consumer. Good design leverages solid functionality, viscerally appealing to the consumer’s emotion. Dreams and Logic's designers know how to make logical, functional product mesh with your consumer’s dream AND elevate your brand above the crowd.

the "Logic"

The greatest dream is limited to pure fantasy without the skills to transform it into reality. Dreams and Logic brings engineering skills and experience to realize your product in prototype, samples, production and distribution. It’s a complete and successful journey from your vision into the consumer’s hands.

Engineering Design

Guided by your vision, Dreams and Logic applies decades of experience in consumer electronics’ engineering, from blinky trinkets and engaging entertainment to life-changing solutions..

Idea Robot

Manufacturing Design

Dreams and Logic’s combined thirty years of experience takes products from concept into production. You benefit from our deep knowledge of both onshore and offshore manufacturing needs; most importantly, the extensive documentation required to ensure that your product is delivered on time and on budget.


After months of effort in design and engineering your products… what if it can’t actually get into your consumer’s hands? Dreams and Logic works with factories and distribution to eliminate roadblocks and get your product onto shelves or straight to your consumers.

the "and"

Sometimes, dreams and logic (ideas and production) aren’t enough. When your dreams grow too big to manage, Dreams and Logic will happily “herd cats” - that is… bring savvy process and calm coordination to the table. From vendor management to timelines, to compliance and safety regulations, our contribution is comprehensive, concept-to-shelf support.
We know… you want to focus on your vision - and your business.

Project Management

Even the smallest toy and simplest consumer product requires coordination across multiple disciplines, service providers, component and device procurement, etc.

Dreams and Logic is your experienced partner through all stages and scales of product development, manufacturing and distribution. We and our extensive network of connections, resources and experts are committed to keeping development efforts efficient, effective and timely

Techno Duck

Production Management

Whether your sources and production facilities are here in the USA or abroad, your supply chain is ALWAYS global.

Coordinating disparate resources and supplies into one magnificent singularity - your product - is Dreams and Logic’s greatest strength!

What are YOUR dreams?

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